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How to dominate an arena with over 10,000 people?


Lach used to apply some techniques to capture the attention of the crowd. Through these techniques he used to ensure that all people were within his works, no mind was outside the hall.

Enter the stage with a joke


Before you even introduce yourself, you have to look for something within the same place and come up with a joke. The joke should involve the audience and they should be made to participate in the joke. Lach used to look for anything in the hall, a shoe, a lady, a man or anything.

Combine funny stories with a joke


Lach used to bring stories that are happening real on the streets and homes. From those stories, people used to concentrate to understand why it is fun. Lach then used to bring the joke in the middle of the story making people to eagerly wait for the last joke before any story ends. This makes the crowd to concentrate on you and enjoy every word that comes from you. It is the best way to ensure that your fans are always following you joke after joke and they always enjoy.

Try with playing on a music instrument

It mind sound a bit off topic but the truth is crowds tend to explode when you demonstrate a skill that was not expected. As you can guess playing something popular like a guitar will probably have bigger success than a banjo.

Produce jokes in all aspects


Jokes should come from all aspects, from kids, family, school sports or anything. This is because people have different interests so for you to touch all of them, try to be diverse and unique. Ensure that you are always creative because some already have the jokes in their mind.

10 things you should know about the history of comedy


Comedy has revolutionized over time since the time people came to realize that comedy is a form of entertainment. Nobody could have imagined that fun statements could be a career to someone or make people spend a lot of money to go and watch comedy shows. Today, Comedy is regarded as one of the best forms of entertainment. It has claimed places in TVs and radios, internet sites and major halls. The cure that comes with comedy is beyond human expectations and it has the best form of mind soothing feature that people normally like. Through this, comedy is regarded the core tool in mind refreshments.

It started as dramatic comedy

Initially, nobody used words to makes jokes. It was all about dramas with actors who acted all the life things on a funny way. Through this, people started to know that there is comedy. That was when no single artiste used to think that comedy is a career. Today you have stand-up comedy that features only one artiste with no acting or what, just the use of words and mike to make wonders. It is the type of comedy that has taken dominion in almost every part of the world.

It was used for political campaigns

In the past, people used to believe anything in politics. The artistes used to battle live as they try to defend some political parties on which one is better through comedy. This used to influence the public minds and help them use their democratic freedom perfectly. Today Comedy is a field of its own, it is not attached to any politics and in fact if anyone happens to combine the two people would think that he or she is insane. Comedy was not defined by then because people did know what it real entails.

It progressed to poet

After the dramatic era of comedy, it came the poet era where jokes were enshrines in poems and people to recite. The disadvantage of this is that people did not used to attend the shows once they hear the poem somewhere. Today people carry jokes in their heads. Think of someone like Murphy, he does not need preparation to face any crowd. He will ensure that you laugh until the end of his show and nothing in your head will bother you. That is the comedy of today which is far different from the old one.

It was not on media

Jokes were considered childish, indeed they are, and therefore nobody even thought that they could be used to entertain people of high profile. The media was a sacred place where only serious things could be aired and not jokes. It was until the jokes were found to relieve stress and freshen up the minds of people when they were given the chance to be heard. Screwball comedy film was the first film to be aired in the 1930s and people became fans, old and young, male and female. That is why they are always there until today we have just for laughs.

Racism humor

From there people started to make jokes that were not written but spoken. These jokes normally revolved around black and white people attacking each other. As a result, the Black comedy film came into place and funny enough, it captured the attention of over a hundred million fans across the globe. Today jokes are jokes, they are not based on white or black and they are neutral to everyone since the world is trying to become one and the comedians must be an example to foster that change.

Not taught in school

If you wanted to become a comedian, you needed to have an in born talent and creativity that could have assisted you to grow. There were sports schools that trained acting or comedians. You needed to convince people from you naturally talent and make them believe that you are a great comedian. This was why people were very few in the comedy industry. Today there are schools and learning resources even on the internet to make you become a guru in the field of acting and make you become an example of the icon comedian.

Blue comedy into place

This was a type of ex-rated comedy that now brought into play nudity photos and parental guidance-requiring films which people with over the age of eighteen could only watch. Up to date, people have found comedy in all sectors, religion, books, education students and other areas. It is that serious.

No awards were available to compete for

Comedians used to be regarded as jokers and not professionals. Nobody used to give them respect because they were regarded as people with low thinking capacity. But people didn’t know that it requires critical thinking to come up with jokes. No sponsor used to make some awards for them to compete for. Nowadays there are awards of all kinds that comedians compete for.

Most comedy relied on irony stories

This is because old comedians were not that creative so they used to produce ironical stories to make audience laugh. But today jokes are very diverse.

Pictorial comedy

Since people used to ignore words, some people used to express their fun ideas through comedy. That way people started to understand the essence of comedy. Everybody laughed and they started growing bigger.

5 sites where you can buy tickets for comedy shows


You want to attend comedy shows but you don’t know where to buy the tickets. That should not worry you. Comedy shows are not like music shows where people are aware because it is announced even on radios. You need to go to specific sites that deal with comedy to get the tickets. Below are some the sites where you can grab yourself a ticket to the major comedy shows that you would like to attend. They are the sites that have the all the programmed shows and the venues so you are safe.

Ticket master

Ticketmaster-Logo this is a site that you do not have to look further. Any information that you may require is clearly put on the site., You can visit the site to check the prices and the date of the shows. For any updates that you may like about the show like change of venue and artiste change, you can also obtain it on the site because these people work hand in hand with the organizers to ensure that you get the best services. This is a site that is managed by event organizers so they know all you need.

Last-minute site

lastminute this is a multipurpose site that offers even flight and bus tickets plus games tickets. The best thing is that they are able to manage all the things perfectly and ensure that fans get the best services ever. Tuning into the comedy industry, they are able to sell tickets on all the shows that have been programmed to happen in town. They have all the information needed and they sell tickets even at the last minute giving you the opportunity to have a view of the game. This is the best thing ever since most people tend to forget.

Stub hub

129938 This is another site that collects all the comedy events and plans the wonderful tickets to sell to the fans. The good thing is that the people who are managing this site are comedians so they know how to manage the tickets and sell them. This is the best thing to ensure that you get the perfect ticket. All the prices of the ticket are indicated therefore people can buy them at the indicated price without any extra charges incurred. Their tickets come with extra services for internationals who may need to rent hotels.

Gold star

Goldstar-Logo-color for over decades now, this site has been selling tickets to many events. They have been selling tickets even to football events and they have been a choice to many people due to their wonderful rates. Even up to today, they are recognized as the best ticket sellers because they have all the requirements that a person needs to obtain the ticket. All the venues, shows and the artistes performing, they have all the details and they can work to ensure that fans get the best services. Look no further, visit their sites and get the best tickets.

Laugh stub


As the name suggests, this is a site that deals with all comedy shows and the tickets. It even contains information about the all the comedians and how they have made it to reach where they are today. Grab your tickets, it could for VIP or normal tickets, all are just there and they are meant to satisfy the needs of the various attendants. Get your ticket by visiting the site and ensuring that you chose what you like perfectly. You can give you address for the ticket to be dropped at your door step.

The top 8 books on improving as a performer and comedian


There are books that people can buy for them to become powerful comedians. Most of these books are written by long time comedians who understand how the career of a comedian contains. To make sure that you do not do guess work, it is good to ensure that you get the best books to read so that you don’t mess up. Nobody is born knowing and your wisdom can only be acquired through learning using various resources of which books are among them. Check the list below to get the best comedian books.

Standup Comedy


This is a book that was written by Judy Carter. It was published in 2010, which means it contains the latest information about the comedy industry. It is in other words the book that contains the latest information about the current comedian field and what to do to overcome the competition. This book has caught the attention of many people because her work has been featured in many places including Rug Hooking magazine and in Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs. This shows how powerful the book is and why all the people aspiring to be comedians should buy it.

Stand-up Comedy in Theory


This is another book that contains all the critical techniques on how comedians should work to ensure that they claim top positions in the world of comedy. It is rather the best way to ensure that you lean the dos and the don’ts as a comedians to ensure that you become a perfect comedian. It starts by explaining how you can create jokes, how to play with the human psychology and how you can become an all-time joker in stage without reducing in quality. This is the best book that John Limon wrote about comedy so far.

Memoirs of Charles Mathews Comedian, Volume 3


You can start from Volume one if you want but volume three is the best. This series of books were written by the legend comedian, Mathew who understands everything learnt through experience in the field of comedy. The book aims at ensuring that comedians deal with audiences of any size perfectly without losing concentration. It enshrines all the ways on how to practice before going for a show and it entails even how to dress as a comedian. Get your copy and propel yourself from the inferior level you are in to the superior level you want to be.

Stand Up: On Being a Comedian


This is a book that contains how one can begin to become a comedian. From being no one in the field of comedy to be recognized by fans all over the world. According to trusted sources, it has become the best stepping stone for many artistes who want to go higher in the field of comedy. Many people have used it and they have succeeded. It was written by Oliver Double who was a comedian for many years and he is still a comedian.

Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian, Volume 1


Look no further, this is where you can get everything you need to become the best comedian of all seasons. This book has all the techniques to ensure that you face the world with the greatest jokes. It includes ways of how to become creative and make jokes from all manner of things you see. In the